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So, lurkers too?

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1 So, lurkers too? on Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:12 pm

Nick Soapdish

Non-Sasukarin worshipper
Non-Sasukarin worshipper

It says that I'm supposed to say why I'm a fan, but I'm more neutral. I like the pairing, but mostly for the fanart and some fanarts. I'm not actively shipping it. So I mostly just lurk over at NF and probably now here as well.

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2 Re: So, lurkers too? on Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:23 pm


Horniest Admin in the Land
Horniest Admin in the Land
Hello there, Mr. Nick!
You don't have to list your reasons. I'm shocked that you joined, and also glad. XD

It's good to see you're neutral. Sometimes you really don't need a reason to like SK - you just do. This pairing seems to compliment these two well, Karin trying hard for Sasuke to notice her, kind of failing, because he's stupid enough to look at her and say "What.".

so you lurkin', I've seen you lurk a couple of times. I mostly created the forum for the SK's fandom pretty much. Love these guys bunches. So cute and cuddly. Especially Astrid & Alicia & Euphie. hmmm


pic source from TUMBLR

A picture from ukness the most beautiful perverted women in the world:hmmm..

This as got to be interesting :LOS
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