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Chapter 527 Spoilers

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Pulse L'Cie
Pulse L'Cie
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5 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2011/02/09(水) 18:24:15 ID:azMw3mgzP



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Chapter 527 Spoilers 2
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Pulse L'Cie
Pulse L'Cie
527 NGワード
527: Off Limit Words

The Hidden Cloud's Legendary Tag-Team!

銀 大先輩への口のききかたが気にいらねーな… すぐ黙らせてやる
Gin- "I don't like the way you speak to your great elders. It's time we shut you up."

金 仕方ねエ…どうやら随分と時が経ってる… 同胞でもオレ達の事を知らねーんだからよ
Kin- "It can't be helped. It would seem much time has passed since even though we're fellow villagers, you don't know about us."

ダルイ サムイさん… アツイ…
Darui: "Samui-san. Atsui..."

サムイ アナタ達が書物に出てくる本物の金角銀角なら同胞よばわりされたくないわね クールじ ゃないわ
Samui: If you two are the Kinkaku and Ginkaku from the books, "fellow villagers" are hardly something we'd like to be called. Cool*?"
[tn note: "Cool" is Samui's catch phrase]

アツイ おお…!いつになくクールな姉ちゃんが熱いじゃねーのよ!相当な奴らとみた!
Atsui: "Ooh! My cool big sister is uncharacteristically hot! These guys must be something!"

From Kinkaku's mouth, Ginkaku takes out shinobi tools

金 やるぞ銀角
Kin: "Let's do this, Ginkaku"

銀 おうよ金角!
Gin: "Got it, Kinkaku"

サムイ 間違いない…書物にあったあれが金角銀角兄弟の忍具!
Samui: "No mistake about it...just like what's in the books, those are the Kinkaku-Ginkaku brothers' shinobi tools!

人をしばり言霊を追い出す”愰金縄”(こうきんじょう)(字が違うかも。潰れてて見えない)!  言霊を斬っ て呪う”七星剣”! 言霊を録音し人を封じる”紅ヒサゴ”(ひょうたん)! 火水雷風土全ての 性質を巻き起 こせる”芭蕉扇”!
"Koukinjou" - which binds a person and expels their soul. And then severing the soul with a curse, the "Seven Star Sword"! "Benihisago" (Hyoutan) which records the soul, and seals the person. And "Bashousen" which is brought about by all the natures: fire, water, lightning, wind, and earth!"

アツイ ここはオレに!!
Atsui: "I'll handle it here!"

The white Zetsu assaults Darui's group

アツイ 雲流 火炎斬り!!
Atsui: Unryuu (Cloud Current) Kaen-kiri (Flame Cutter)!

The white Zetsu begins burning

アツイ ぎょうぎょうしい忍具みてーだが しょせん道具! オレ達の魂こもった熱い忍術にゃか なわねーぜ! !
Atsui: "All I see are overrated shinobi tools to me, after all they are just tools! It's no match for our spiritful hot ninjutsu!"

Atsui starts to jump

サムイ アツイ待ちな!クールに話しを最後まで…!
Samui: "Wait up Atsui! Cool it and save the talk for the end!"

ダルイ チイ…!熱すぎる!
Darui: "Tch! Too hot-headed!"

銀 どいつもこいつんもよく喋る… いいねえ… オレは一番後ろの奴をやる!
Gin: "The only thing people can do well around here is talk. Fine...I'll take care of the first one in the back!"

There's a tapping on a desk

ツナデ 落ち着け雷影 お前は総大将だぞ
Tsunade: "Calm down Raikage. You're the supreme commander."

雷影 …お前は金銀兄弟の恐さをしらんからだ 奴らは雲隠れの歴史において最悪の大罪人だ か つて木の葉と 同盟を結ぶ儀礼式の際 クーデターを起こして二代目雷影を二代目火影を騙し討ちした
Raikage: "...It's because you don't know the terror of the Kin-Gin brothers. Those guys are the worst sinners in the Hidden Cloud's history. They're the brothers who once joined into an alliance with Konoha and nearly brought about a coup d'etat, then back-stabbed both the Second Raikage and Second Hokage."

ツナデ 六道仙人の宝具と呼ばれる五つの忍具を操り 二代目火影を瀕死に追い込んだことまでは しってるが…  九尾のチャクラ…それを持っているとは聞いてなかった…
Tsunade: "I know that they control the 5 shinobi tools of what's called the Rikudou Sennin's Treasures, and that they even brought the Second Hokage to the verge of death, but...the Kyuubi's chakra, I didn't hear they possessed that."

雷影 昔… 一度雲隠れが九尾を捉えようとした事があったそうだ その時九尾に食われたのが金 銀兄弟らしい  だが腹の中で暴れ続ける二人にたまりかねた九尾は口から二人を吐きだしたそうだ 
それ以後二人は九尾のチャクラを宿してしまった なんせ二週間も九尾の腹にいたそうだ
Raikage: "It was a long time ago...happening when the Hidden Cloud once attempted to capture the Kyuubi. It's said that at that time, the Kin-Gin brothers were devoured by Kyuubi. However they caused such a ruckus inside its' stomach that Kyuubi,unable to put up with it any longer, vomited them out. After that, the Kyuubi's chakra was theirs. It's said that they were inside the Kyuubi's stomach for 2 weeks."

ツナデ 信じがたい話だな
Tsunade: "Hard to believe story."

雷影 宝具はただの人間には扱えぬ… アレらを扱うと大量のチャクラを吸い取られ普通のものは 死ぬ 九尾の チャクラを宿したバケモノのような輩以外はな
Raikage: "The Treasures can't be handled by just anyone. Such a great amount of chakra is absorbed in handling them that it would kill a normal person...excluding the monsters of my countrymen who housed the Kyuubi's chakra of course."

Kinkaku gets Atsui with a tackle punch

アツイ くそ!!
Atsui: "Shit!"

金 フン!
Kin: "Heh!"

Samui also gets attacked

サムイ (しまった!!)
Samui: (Dammit!)

ダルイ アツイ!サムイさん!大丈夫か!?
Darui: "Atsui, Samui-san! Are you alright?!"

銀角 よそ見してんじゃねーぞ!ガキ!
Ginkaku: "Don't be looking away, kid!"

Ginkaku stabs at Darui

銀角 交代だ金角!!
Ginkaku: "Switch over, Kinkaku!"

金角 了解だ銀角!!
Kinkaku: "You got it, Ginkaku!"

アツイ なかなか熱いパンチだぜ!今度は銀角のおっさんのほうか!
Atsui: "That was a pretty hot punch! I'll return the favor next time old man Ginkaku!"

銀角 しぼり出せ コウキンジョウ!!
Ginkaku: "Bind, Koukinjou!"

アツイ !?ぷ ええええ~~~~
Atsui: !? Bueeeeee~

Atsui and Samui's souls come out of their mouths

ダルイ (なんだありゃ!?)
Darui: (What the hell?!)

金角 この左手のコウキンジョウは触れた奴の言霊をしばり出す!
Kinkaku: Those whom the Koukinjou of my left hand touches have their souls brought out and binded!"

銀角 呪え 七星剣!!
Ginkaku: "Curse, Seven Star Sword!"

Ginkaku dismembers Atsui and Samui's souls from their mouths

七星剣には あつい クールという言葉が浮で出る
On the Seven Star Sword, the words "Hot" and "Cool" come out onto its surface

銀角 録音しろ!ベニヒサゴ!!
Ginkaku: "Record! Benihisago!"

あつい クールという言霊をベニヒサゴ(ひょうたん)に飛ばす
The "Hot" and "Cool" souls are transferred to Benihisago (Hyoutan)

銀角 さて…こっちはおわったぜ 金角
Ginkaku: "I'm all done on my end now, Kinkaku"

アツイ は!?何いってんだてめーは!!今度はこっちの番だ
Atsui: "Huh?! What the hell are you talking about! Now it's my turn!"

サムイ (やられた…)
Samui: (We're beaten...)

アツイ あつ…
Atsui: "Ho-"

Samui shuts up Atsui's mouth

サムイ 話を最後まで聞きなって言ったでしょ!いい…?これからうかつに喋らないこと
Samui: "Didn't I ask you to save the talk until it's over? Got it...? From now on we don't talk so carelessly."

アツイ !?
Atsui: !?

ダルイ どういう事だ!?
Darui: "What's the meaning of this?!"

サムイ 私達は呪印術と封印術にかけらた… 言霊を人質に取られたのよ 生まれて今までで”一 番多く口にし た言葉”を言ってしまうと… あのひょうたんの中へ吸い込まれてしまう
Samui: "We're caught up in a cursed sealing technique. Our souls were taken hostage. If we're to utter "the words that comes out of our mouths the most" from birth to the present ...then we'll be absorbed inside of that Hyoutan."

銀角 よく知ってんじゃねーか 時代が経って色々バレちまってるみてーだな
Ginkaku: "You seem to know a lot. Looks like many things were released about us as time passed."

銀角、金角に七星剣を投げる 金角、七星剣に書かれた文字を確認
Ginkaku throws the Seven Star Sword to Kinkaku. Kinkaku confirms the inscription written upon the Seven Star Sword

ダルイ …一番多く口にした言葉がタブーだと…!?NGワードでゲームしてんじゃねーんだぞ…  だるい事し やがって!
Darui: "...So the word that comes out of your mouth the most is supposed to be taboo?! We playing an off-limits word game or somethin? Such a dull [tn: "darui"] thing to deal with!"

金角 (芭蕉扇 火の巻き)
Kinkaku: (Bashousen: Roll of Fire)

アツイ (何だ!?オレの一番多く口にした言葉って いったい何なんだア~~~!!?)
Atsui: (What?! What is that word that I say the most anyway~??!)

サムイ お前は考えなくても大体解るだろ…たぶん…
Samui: "Even if I don't tell you, you should know it well enough...probably..."

ダルイ !!
Darui: !!

アツイ !!
Atsui: !!

サムイ くっ!
Samui: "Kugh!"

The fire from Bashousen engulfs them

アツイ あ…あつい!!
Atsui: "H-hot!"

銀角 にやりと笑う
Ginkaku grins and laughs

サムイ バ…バカ!
Samui: "You...idiot!"

Atsui gets absorbed into Hyoutan with a distortion

サムイ アツイ!!
Samui: "Atsui!"

ダルイ チイ!
Darui: "Tch!"

Ginkaku takes Samui's back (pins her arms behind her)

金角 昔からこう言う ”沈黙は金”とな 口は災いのもとだ… なあ銀角
Kinkaku: "Back in the day we said 'silence is golden.' Your mouth is the cause of your ruin...isn't that right Ginkaku?"

銀角 ああ金角!ペラペラ喋ってるちこうなる… 言葉なんてのは嘘で人をだます為の道具だ
Ginkaku: "You said it, Kinkaku! Talking all the time ends you up like this. Words are meant to be tools to deceive people as lies."

ダルイ …言葉をバカにすっとビーさんに怒られるっスよ…
Darui: "...Bee-san would be pissed with you being so scornful of words."

銀角 ビーだあ?知るかそんな奴! 動けば女は殺す…これは嘘じゃねーぞ!
Ginkaku: "Bee, you say? And you expect me to know who that is huh! You move and the female dies...and this is not a lie!"

Ginkaku brings the sword in front of him

サムイ、覚悟を決める 目を閉じ涙を浮かべる
Samui resolves herself and closes her eyes, tears in her face

ダルイ すいません…サムイさん
Darui: "I'm sorry...Samui-san"

金角、ダルイに斬りかかる  が ダルイが金角のコウキンジョウを巻いてる左手を斬り落とす
Kinkaku stabs at Darui with the sword but Darui cuts off his left hand with Kinkaku's wrapped up Koukinjou

銀角 そうくるよな… さすが雲隠れの忍だ二人共
Ginkaku: "So that's how you do it I would expect from two shinobi from the Hidden Cloud"

ダルイ印を結んで 嵐遁 レイザーサーカス!!
Darui forms seals: Ranton: Laser Circus!

銀角 (速い… しかも誘導忍術か!?) レイザーサーカスが銀角に当たりサムイが離れる 斬 った金角の腕 がダルイに当たる
Ginkaku: (Fast...and its a guided ninjutsu!?) Laser Circus hits Ginkaku, freeing Samui. Kinkaku's cut-off arm hits Darui

銀角 いててて… (金角のやつ コウキンジョウをうまく当てたな)
Ginkaku: "Owww...(That Kinkaku...he got him with Koukinjou like a pro)

Darui's soul comes out of his mouth

銀角 まずはこっちだな 
Ginkaku: "The first one to go will be this one."

Samui gets put into Hyoutan with a warp

ダルイ !?(どういう事だ?何も言ってないのにサムイさんが吸い込まれた…!?)
Darui: !? (What the hell's going on?! Samui-san didn't say anything but she still got absorbed?!)

金角 呪え七星剣!!
Kinkaku: "Curse, Seven Star Sword!"

ダルイ (腕がもう再生してやがる…!!)
Darui: (His arm has already reformed!)

Kinkaku dismembers Darui's soul

銀角 録音しろベニヒサゴ!!
Ginkaku: "Record, Benihisago!"

ダルイ ハアハア(オレのNGワードは大体想像できる)
Darui: "HaaHaaa (You can just imagine the word that's off limits for me)

七星剣には だるい の文字が浮き出る
On the Seven Star Sword, the inscription "Darui" comes out on its surface

Be careful! Careless words from your mouth can be your last...!

The end

oh man...this chapter seems very interesting!

Chapter 527 Spoilers 2
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The One and Only Ickle Spud
The One and Only Ickle Spud
ahhh no Karin or Sasuke! However, they're been pretty interesting enough without them, so I don't complain. n.n thanks for letting us know, Alicia! <3

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