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BBcodes/explanations for BBcodes

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Horniest Admin in the Land
Horniest Admin in the Land
You've got your basics here, if you're new to forums and BBcodes:

Bold right here.
Italics here, which italicizes your words.


Moving on to more advanced stuff:

[justify]justify text[/justify]

  • List things like this
  • and such
  • and yea
  • like that

[list][*]List things like this
[*]and such
[*]and yea
[*]like that[/list]

You can do an order list and line break aswell. Quoting text is simple, I think you'd already know that by now.
Put "IMG" (lowercased) with brackets, and be sure to close the brackets aswell.

There are two ways to do links:

The "URL=" is a chain URL, and the "URL" is a label. If you'd like to put an image in your chain URL do so like this:
BBcodes/explanations for BBcodes  983733


Insert a flash by labeling the code ["flash"] [/"flash"]. (The quotation marks are unneeded.)
to insert a Youtube video and the shortcut to it is right next to the italicized red "F" (Flash), by copy & pasting the Youtube video here:
[youtube]Your Video Here[/youtube]
You can also do so with Dailymotion which I don't really particurally use, aswell as Googlevideos. To do it automatically is a simple way aswell so you don't have to type all of that.

On to font sizes and colors~
[font=Impact][size=18][color=indigo]On[/color] [color=darkblue]to font[/color] sizes and colors~[/size][/font]
*Please note it does not have to be in exact order like the example I have given above. (If you have any problem with codes, contact me, thanks.)
You can also find more colors around the web, so go explore for color schemes in HTML/BB.

You also have other options by clicking "OTHERS", and supposedly you will see codes listed below like:
Horizontal scrolling
Vertical scrolling
Random (does not work)

Spoiler tags are for spoilers or off topic in specific threads/forums, and they're also for "cruel" content, something of the likes, etc.
Scrolling is simple, it scrolls or marquees your words.

[scroll]scrolling horizontally?[/scroll]
[updown]or vertically?[/updown]

A quicker way to do this is by the icons above the textarea (where you type). You can also add smilies. Since forummotions tends to direct codes at the bottom if you don't type your word in and highlight it, be careful with that, it gets a bit annoying but you'll get used to it. BBcodes/explanations for BBcodes  915901

Also, for a quick way to help and not waste your time reading this longass explanation, you can click the Question mark at the last of the icons. You're welcome! Very Happy


BBcodes/explanations for BBcodes  WATDEAN
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