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1 Taka Fansubs on Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:39 pm


Pulse L'Cie
Pulse L'Cie

TakaFansubs -

The concept of [Taka] was initially considered by many to be a pipe-dream, but through the unity of the fans, it became a reality.
Founded on November 28th, 2008, by Secludedly, [Taka] was intended to keep fansubs alive for the fan-favourite series Naruto Shippuuden after it was dropped by the primary fansub group for the series, Dattebayo. [Taka] was initially formed from members of the NarutoFan forum, where it rapidly recruited several talented members with a variety of expertise. Eventually, [Taka] outgrew NarutoFan, and made its way out into the world at large.

While there were some rough spots early on due to high staff churn, [Taka] quickly pulled together into the efficient team that exists today.

[Taka] is unique in releasing each episode in both 720p high definition and 480p standard definition with the h.264 codec. [Taka] performs every stage of the fansubbing process itself, from translating to timing.

Today, [Taka] is an organization of fans, producing fansubs by the fans and for the fans. If you think that you have some skills that might be useful to us, feel free to drop by our IRC channel and message a staff member with an offer to help. We'll review your offer and see if we can use your skills. Our IRC channel is also a great place to hang out and chat with both staff and fans alike.

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