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Your favorite scene/panel/etc/requests you want to see on the front page?

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Horniest Admin in the Land
Horniest Admin in the Land
What I want you to do is list anything related to SK, fanon or canon, or anything not related to SK (no other pairings are allowed) such as: Animes you like, music, etc.

I'm not going to list everything that absolutely has to be done right now but I want to test out coding the front page a bit more, make it professional, including your top picks, SK graphics.

What would you like for me to do, graphic wise/art wise?
I can do manga animations, and I'll try practicing my skills with Adobe PS Elements 7.0 with animating actual animations but I highly doubt I'll be able to do anything besides still images.

Would you like pick ups? Signatures? Perhaps a Playlist? What?

Your choice. Also, suggestions would be much appreciated! The only thing I'm creative at is when I'm coding, shit pops up in my head, and BAM, right at the last minute.

I can list fanart, with little thumbnails from linking on deviantART/anywhere.
I can have a links menu, because the footer and header will obviously be gone once I finish coding the actual thing.
I can list just about anything. I can list recent stuff I like going through convos, it doesn't necessarily have to be surrounded with SK, it could be spam. But anything, anything at all would be greatly appreciated. You guys are creative and I'd love to see your ideas.

I will be updating this thing on/off, once I think of something to put up here that's worthy.

Also, I'd like to ask you one thing: Would you prefer the layout to have a purple-ish tint to it, with a black background? You have no idea what I've got in mind for now, and I'll present you it later, I have a lot of fun coding things, it relaxes me.
So, color schemes, think of that. I wouldn't want anything too light but I might just stick with dark-ish colors for now.
Not too too dark, but something around there.


Your favorite scene/panel/etc/requests you want to see on the front page? WATDEAN
pic source from TUMBLR

A picture from ukness the most beautiful perverted women in the world:hmmm..

This as got to be interesting :LOS
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