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Pulse L'Cie
Pulse L'Cie
Do read and follow, or risk having certain privileges revoked or even a temp/permanent ban. If you're not sure if something is against the rules, PM a moderator before doing it.

Be nice
For starters, be nice to each other. With a lot of people together in/on a place, naturally not everyone will agree with you on something. Everyone has different opinions on various issues, let's all be respectful towards each other and our opinions.

No Flaming/Trolling
Flamewars contribute absolutely nothing to the forums. Don't get aggravated. If a mod or Admin encounters a (potential) flamewar, the participants, but in any case the starter, will be warned, if not banned for a time span the moderator/admin in question deems fit. Users can also receive cuts in reputation, posts etc. for the same behaviour.

There is no gain in hammering on about a particular subject. If a thread degrades to a "yes/no" fight, be the smarter one and leave it be.

Don't go "Off-Topic"
Try and keep the discussion on-topic as much as possible. We are the last to say that "off-topic is evil!" but that does not mean we condone total off-topicness. If a thread gets out of hand, leave it be, and contact a moderator/admin.

Have some respect for another person's topic. If the topic means nothing to you, then stay out, but don't make "funny" remarks. If your remarks are enough of an annoyance/offensive to other members, appropriate action may be taken by moderators and administrators, in accordance with these rules.

Know who you are talking to. There are a lot of people on these boards that have been in the community a long time, think webmasters, moderators and naturally the administrators. Advice from these members is not to be taken lightly. You, after all, asked the question and wanted information, not them.

Don't go screaming for a solution (Screaming? How do I do that in a text-based discussion?). For example, the excessive use of caps. TEXT WRITTEN LIKE THIS is extremely annoying, and you will annoy the other users. If you ever want to make yourself CLEAR then you just accentuate a particular piece of text. Stay true to the netiquette and keep your use of caps in check.

No illegal activities
Links to websites that contain illegal games/movies, pornographic sites (with the exception of Karin's Naughty Closet), sites with grotesque, violent and/or racist content are NOT to be posted.

For posting of these sites you will be banned, no questions asked.

Discussions and questions about things like MP3 and DiVX are allowed to a certain extent. MP3 and DiVX are file formats/codes and those are not illegal, their content however, can be illegal. If anything, try and use logic when posting links to such downloads.

BitTorrent downloads to Anime and Mangas are allowed.

Pornographic Material
There is absolutely no pornographic material allowed outside of Karin's Closet. This includes the posting of images depicting genitalia, bare breasts or depicting sexual acts (real or simulated). Linking to websites with such content is also not allowed. Posting such material is grounds for a temporary to permanent ban, subject to the severity of the offense and discretion of the moderators.

Within Karin's Closet, posting of material depicting explicit penetration; law-violating material including, but not limited to, child pornography, bestiality, rape or violence will earn you a permanent ban.

All cases regarding questionable material will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the staff.

Advertisements or "SPAM"
If you want to advertise your forum/website, put the link in your profile. If people want to visit your site, they will use the link in your profile. "Easy money" topics like pyramid games, banner click systems, chain letters etc. etc. are not tolerated in this forum, topics of such nature will be removed.

Racism, Cultural Intolerance, Gender and Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Racism, maliciously inappropriate remarks pertaining to cultures, gender, sexual orientation or other degrading remarks are things you do only once. Posting of such slander most likely will get you a ban, the length will be up to the Banning Moderator and can be between a week to Permanent.

Be Clear!
Please be certain that your topics and posts are clear as to their meaning, and contribute to the forum or thread. Uncertain thread titles such as "Oh my Gawd!" or "Lookit what I found!" create confusion and make it difficult for people to discern your purpose. Moderators may rename your thread title if they find it unclear or unspecific.

Keep the spoilers in check, we have a movie/gaming and manga forum and some people are not at the point where you are, and perhaps vice versa. Remember to use tags where appropriate, and if unsure, better safe than sorry.

If you're still unsure, PM moderators and administrators.

Don't be a hero
Don't act like a tough guy towards the rest of the forum members, moderators and administrators. Mutual respect is what counts!

Personal Affairs
Personal affairs (Example: Problems with other members) are NOT to be fought out via the forums. If you have some kind of problem with someone, use an instant messenger program like MSN, ICQ or AIM, you can always e-mail each other, or use the PM function.

The forum and its members have no part in it, so don't make them be.

I. When an image moves the forum out of proportion please link it.
II. Uploading/Posting any inappropriate or pornographic material is prohibited and can result in a permanent ban.

Signatures & Avatars
I. Do not use too many signatures because they make the forum load slower as well as make it longer to scroll. If you have too many signatures we will tell you to remove them or an administrator will have to remove it personally.
II. Any type of pornography is prohibited in avatars and signatures. Anything sexually explicit but not pornographic must be placed under spoiler tags.

Do not double post to bump threads. In fact, don't bump threads, period. If it's on the second page (or even the bottom half of the first) and you don't have anything good to say, don't reply to it.

A lot of rules, but very simple. All these rules are not here to get in your way, but to make these forums a fun place to hang out for young and old, to foster pleasant discussion about anything and everything (that is in compliance with the rules, heh.)

Members are responsible for reading rules pertaining to guidelines. Claiming ignorance does not justify violation of rules. Rules are subject to the application and interpretation of the moderators and administrators.

Also note that the moderators and administrators hold the right at any time to remove your posts and/or ban your access to the forum. If you have a legitimate complaint as to the nature of your ban, PM an Admin.

So, with that - welcome to The Sasuke x Karin: A Dangerous Affection Forums, post away!

- The SKforum team. Rules & Regulations 915901

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Horniest Admin in the Land
Horniest Admin in the Land
Thank you for putting that heavily Alicia (lol), to any people who are actually interested in joining the forum, please respect our rules and reasons for limits on this forum.
You can swear all you like, unless it's directed at someone in actuality, if kidding around, it's alright in my book/our book/your book > Alicia's book.

Like insulting causally and playfully, "Alicia >: ( You bitch, quit making my head so damn dizzy posting all this technical shit. WHAT IS THIS TECHNICAL SHIT DOING IN MY FORUM."

Oh, look at me, don't I sound so professional. Rolling Eyes


Rules & Regulations WATDEAN
pic source from TUMBLR

A picture from ukness the most beautiful perverted women in the world:hmmm..

This as got to be interesting :LOS
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3Rules & Regulations Empty Re: Rules & Regulations on Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:12 pm


Pulse L'Cie
Pulse L'Cie
lol...yes indeed...non offensively aimed language is allowed of course....curse words are fun! Rules & Regulations 983733


Rules & Regulations 2
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4Rules & Regulations Empty Re: Rules & Regulations on Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:17 pm


The One and Only Ickle Spud
The One and Only Ickle Spud
Razz prostitute?

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